I’m a hospital physical therapist and health care writer. I use this page and other resources to share ideas about fixing our system. My beliefs are simple: that we prioritize services which produce revenue and ignore lower-cost action because of the payment structure in place today, that this provision of services rather than maintenance of health hurts patients and system to a great degree, and that nobody wants to practice like this. I know we can do much better, and if you believe the same, I want to hear from you.

  • Barrier Language
    The words we use can create real barriers to our best decisions. Does discussing our work within the "healthcare" system bias the choices we make?
  • An Epidemic of Isolation
    Social isolation is a risk factor for heart disease, and a slippery slope exists between sickness and social withdrawal. Are we doing enough to address this?
  • Ownership
    Healthcare has mutated into something designed to administer services and collect reimbursement rather than help patients above all. Is a single deficient quality at the root of healthcare's largest problems?
  • Gun Violence and Public Health
    What is the root cause of gun violence? Is it a public health issue?
  • An Open Letter to APTA CEO Justin Moore
    Demonstrating Value should be the chief focus of the APTA in 2018
  • Physical Therapy & Value-Based Care
    Physical Therapist treatment offers great value – meaningful impact at low cost – but is underutilized.